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 There are a lot of businesses that do, what we do. They share the same what and how, but our partners work with us for our why and who. We’re minds and makers with business sense and creative chops, set out to connect people with what matters the most – the experience with a humanitarian touch. And then, we spend each day doing so, by sharpening the tools of the trade.

We use scary amount of plastic cups, plates, tumblers, etc (disposables) these days, may it be in small get-together parties, picnics, or big functions and meetings. These disposables are, undoubtedly, easy to carry, cheap and very useful. But, we hardly give a thought on their effects on the environment.

Since the concern for environment started growing, we resorted to use paper plates and cups instead of plastic ones. It is a misconception that paper plates are Eco-friendly products. In fact, they are more harmful to the environment than plastic ones, in our view, because we fell the trees to get paper. Yes, paper plates are degradable unlike plastic ones, but a great deal of pollution is caused while manufacturing paper.

An Aesthetic Alternative in Areca Palm

In the above context, areca/palm leaf disposables, in our opinion, are a great substitute for plastic/paper disposables. To make areca leaf disposables, there is no need of felling trees. Also there won’t be water or air pollution while making these plates, nor is it harmful after usage, as it is biodegradable. Just imagine how much we can contribute to environmental conservation if we use these plates and cups wherever we now use plastic/paper ones. Below is a list of some features of these products.

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Aesthetic value
  3. Easy to make

To top it all, plates, bowls and cups of almost any shape and size can be made with areca leaves. Of course, the large scale production of such products may be difficult owing to non-availability of areca/palm trees everywhere. Yet, we can make significant difference to our environment by using and promoting such products. They are not too costly to buy either.

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