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We are committed to honor the stories behind the statistics of exploitation. In doing so, we elevate the courage and resilience of those facing unspeakable challenges, and unleash the human capacity for empathy that has the power to change history.We spend only a brief moment on this world. Everything we own is only temporary. What really counts is, what we create, what we build and what we leave behind for our future generations to come. What also counts are our actions and our decisions. They last forever. They make up the true value of our being.

The world has just made its biggest ever promise to itself and our leaders have agreed to the Global Goals that would mean a better life for all of us. They would virtually end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate changes in the next decade. It’s one of the most incredible to-do lists ever written – but now we need to turn words into action. You all and we all have the power to make sure we and our leaders keep these world-changing promises. We’ve got millions of people standing behind us, so let’s all make it happen. Lets donate, contribute and or atleast support the global goals.

We as accompany areaffiliated to an NGO,more known as Gurukul Foundations. Gurukul Foundation has always been banking on establishing their own projects through which they can earn money, thus reducing the dependence on donations, in order to sustain the number of beneficiaries who mainly depend on Gurukul Foundations for their survival. Providing hope to people, who have been met with rejections just because their cases need huge amounts of money which they cannot afford, is the main cause of Gurukul Foundation. Mainly focusing on conditions that require a lot of money, self-sustainability is Gurukul Foundation’s main key in overcoming the struggle of donation shortages. To support the cause of marketing and selling the products of the Gurukul Foundation community, we as a company best known as “Leafplate India” have partnered with Gurukul Foundation to sell their eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable leaf plates and bowls.The materials produced by those having undergone training with Gurukul  Foundations is purchased by Gurukul Foundations and we help Gurukul Foundations sell their production at a fair price in the market. All Leaf plates are purchased by  “Leafplate India” while the live-stock and other products are directly sold to other merchants who have partnered with Gurukul foundation in a similar manner.

Gurukul Foundation -Initiatives

Gurukul has a diverse category of training initiatives for the community. They organize training programs for the following and other works: mostly job oriented and income generators. Here are a few to mention:

Palm leaf Plate and bowl Manufacturing

Saal Leaf plate Manufacturing

Brick Making


Auto Repair Training

Sheep raring

Poultry Framing



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